Lomholt Mail Art Archive


8 mm casette Address card Address list Aerogramme Art catalogue Art document Art documents Article Artist report Art object Art objects Art work Art works Audio exchange programme Audio tape Badge Bank note Bibliography Book Book announcement Book catalogue Booklet Book object Book objects Bulletin Calendar Card Card object Cards Cartoon Cartoon letter Catalogue Certificate CFP Chain letter Chain postcard Chart Cloth Collage Colour slide Correspondence Cut-up photo CV Declaration Dia Dia slide Diploma Document Documentation Documents Drawing Entry form Envelope Exhibition poster Fax Fax letter Flyer Foilo Folder Folio Formulae Formular Formular publication Found object Gallery programme Graphic Graphics Illustration Information folder Instruction Interview Invitation Invitation envelope Invitation letter Invitations Kantor press material Labels Letter Letter of instruction Letters List of participants Magazine Magazine article Magazine print Mail art Mail art cheque Mail art document Mail art stamp Mail art work Mail art works Manifest Manifesto Manuscript Matchbox book Microfilm catalogue Mixed media Money note Monthly bulletin MP3 DVD Music casette Newsletter News letter Newspaper article Newspaper clipping Newspaper clippings Newspaper supplement Note Notebook Notes Object Objects Open letter Painted card Painting Palimpsest Pamphlet Paper object Paper roll Photocard Photocopy Photo documentation Photograph Photographic art work Photographs Photo negatives Photo object Photoroman Plastic object Poem Poems Polaroid Pop-up book Poscard Postal object Postcard Postcard collection Postcards Poster Posters Press material Press release Print Printed matter Prints Program Programme Publication Record Record 45 Report Review Slide Slides Stamp Stamp documents Stamp edition Stampsheet Stamp sheet Stamp sheets Statement Sticker Stickers Tabloids Telegram Telegramme Telephone message Template Text Tie Travel documents T-shirt Various catalogues Various documents Various printed matter Video invitation Video still Video tape Visitor instruction Writing paper Xerox formular X-ray