Lomholt Mail Art Archive

A Brief User's Guide to the Archive

Ways to map and search the archive

The INTRO section

Introductory texts, forewords by the director and the editors, and this brief user’s guide.

The TEXTS section

Texts, essays, and thematic focus sections highlighting various aspects and key thematics of the archive.

Visual mappings

In connection with the textual entries, image tours or visual mappings allow for the user to browse a defined map of images as well as to navigate through the images and posts, opening towards navigating more freely and generating independent searches, establishing new connections and to aid further trajectories.

Links and highlighted words

In the texts there are two different highlighted words:

Below the text you’ll find the visual mapping, all posts mentioned in the text.

The FOCUS section

During the exhibition period 18th September 2014 – 18th September 2015 six different FOCUS projects will be added to the site, with an introductory text and links to networkers and posts relevant to each FOCUS project.

The INDEX section

To get both an overview and allow for in-depth searches of individual participants, collaborations, and types of working areas.

At the top you find a biography.
To the left you find:

These sections are all searchable.

To the right you find a link to:

The Archive sections

The archive is divided into three main sections:

Here you can view the entire collection of each section, and browse the different Posts independently.