Lomholt Mail Art Archive

During the period 18 September 2014 – 18 September 2015 the archive was exhibited as a digital manifestation on Museum of Contemporary Art Roskilde’s portal. The exhibition at MFSK has now ended, but the website will remain online until further notice.

The Lomholt Mail Art Archive Project was initiated and produced by video and Mail Art artist Niels Lomholt aka Lomholt Formular Press, and designed by artist and art historian Lene Aagaard Denhart.

The archive is the outcome of 15 years of participation in the Mail Art network (1970-1985) by Lomholt Formular Press. The archive was packed away in 1985, but was reopened in 2010 with a book publication ”Lomholt Mail Art Archive, Fotowerke and Video Work”. As the web technology developed it was an obvious idea to transfer the archive to the web given the new possibilities of volume, open-endedness and flexibilities, making it possible to expose the entire archive, add and develop new connections on the site.

The digital exhibition was a collaboration between former museum director of MFSK, Sanne Kofod Olsen, Niels Lomholt, and Lene Aagaard Denhart. The Museum of Contemporary Art has acted as publisher, facilitating the process and provided the technical support through digital design agency Oncotype, who implemented the digital interface of the site.

On closing the exhibition, we would like to pay a special thanks to everyone who made the realization of the project and digital solution of the Lomholt Mail Art Archive possible.
A part of the project has been to retrace contacts and key figures from the Network. A number of these have deceased, but of those left, a great vigour and enthusiasm is still present, so evident in the essays written for this project, and a great thanks goes to the Mail artists and networkers Anna Banana, Vittore Baroni, Grzegorz Dziamski, Klaus Groh, John Held, Terry Reid, and Chuck Welch. The historical and academic perspectives on Mail Art has been in the hands of Peter van der Meijden, Fabiana Pianowski, and Kornelia Röder, which all contribute with interesting takes on and journeys into the urban jungle of Mail Art.

A special thanks also to Statens Kunstfond and Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond for supporting the production.